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With the start of an unprecedented school year, families throughout Cleveland County are facing a new normal. For many parents, that means worrying about the challenges of working full-time while their kids are doing virtual learning at home. Higher Learning Childcare Academy’s new E-Learning program will help the parents of elementary school age children to better navigate the “new normal” of remote learning.

Higher Learning Childcare Academy worked extremely hard over the summer to put together a new E-Learning program. The “E” stands for Extended, Exciting, Elementary Education. We have a great team on board who are eager and able to assist your children while they adjust to this new way of learning.We are ready to help families during these unprecedented times and would love the opportunity to share in the responsibility of making sure your children are ahead of the game and on top of their learning adventure.

E-Learning is now available for children from Preschool to 5th Grade. Students will be given the space and quiet time they need to complete their assignments. The classrooms have been engineered to support the technology requirements of remote learning, and new enhanced. Ms. Borders has implemented enhanced new protocols for cleaning and disinfection and has incorporated social distancing into daily routine to help keep children safe and healthy.

To learn more about Higher Learning Childcare Academy’s E-Learning program, please call our Kings Mountain location at 704-259-6044.

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